Message from Greg Behar

Changing the Health Course

Greg Behar
CEO of Nestlé Health Science S.A.

"Nestlé Health Science is a company that has the mission of being in constant movement to bring nutritional innovations in our areas: Consumer Care, Medical Nutrition and Novel Therapeutic Nutrition . We are motivated by the opportunity to create an important therapeutic role for nutrition in health care and to establish a new industry between food and pharmaceuticals, generating value for people, patients, health professionals and health systems as a whole.

We see an increasing need for nutritional innovation and great opportunities to accelerate their arrival. The population is aging and diseases related to age and lifestyle are increasing exponentially, this way the need for safe, effective and low cost solutions is increasing. At the same time, the scientific understanding of health, disease and nutrition potential - as an integral part of health care - is moving forward.

We are taking advantage of the opportunities ahead. We are not only innovating and developing our existing portfolio, but also investing in and collaborating with biotechnology entrepreneurs helping to bring to the market transformational therapies such as microbioma and therapeutic lipids. Our portfolio is strong and balanced in each of our business areas.

We have more than 3,000 employees around the world, proud and aware of the role we play in today's health care area and are excited about our potential for the future. We are building a new growth pillar for Nestlé, playing a key role in Nutrition, Health and Welfare. Our goal is to be recognized as the world's leading nutritional therapy company by exploiting and harnessing the power of nutrition to impact the health and quality of life of people. We are on an inspiring journey with all our collaborators and stakeholders. Together, we will succeed. "